Nancy Outley on March 26, 2015 wrote:

This year I again adopted a Quik Trip store. I stopped in and made arrangements with the manager a few days ago (as I have in the past) and then took him some of the acts of kindness papers and a short story about Ethan. I watched for a while to see what the reactions were from people and then left the store so that they could continue to hand out the papers and pay for customers' food with the money I left. After leaving Q-T I stopped at the local donut shop. I bought 4 dozen donuts and paid for the customers' donuts and coffee that were in the shop when I got there. On my way into work I saw several work crews (one from Salt River, one setting telephone poles, a survey crew, and a house building crew). I stopped at each one and gave them a dozen donuts. I love doing this. The wife of one of the employees in my office is a manager at a Papa Murphy's Pizza place in Avondale. I talked to her and told her Ethan's story and asked if she could help out if I provided everything for her today. She was more than happy to help. The owner of the store (he owns several Papa Murphy's through the Valley) is taking part as well. I provided money to them and the papers to hand out and I will be buying some pizzas for some people at some point today. I will not be there but I'm sure they will get the same enjoyment I do from participating in this wonderful project. I print out the pictures of Ethan from the website and carry them with me throughout the year and when I feel the need/desire, I do something for someone and hand them a paper then simply walk away. I especially like it when I can find a law enforcement officer or a member of our armed services and take care of something for them.

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