Kristi Bradshaw on March 27, 2013 wrote:

Yesterday (the 26th) was a busy day so I didn't get a chance to do much, but I am an Activity Day Leader in my ward, so I got the girls in my group involved since we had activity days today. We put paper flowers with kind words written on them in the other leader's yard who helps me. Her husband is in the hospital right now and she wasn't able to be with us. We also "egged" some families houses with plastic eggs filled with candy. We also delivered some cookies to some other families. The girls had a lot of fun with it. Today I took a pot of flowers to a friend's house and dropped it at their doorstep, I took some cookies to a friend that I hadn't seen for a while, and I made some suckers and handed them out to the neighbor kids who were walking home from school.

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