Kimberly DeWitt Logan from Okinawa, Japan on March 26, 2013 wrote:

Today I honored Ethan by waking up with a smile and a make as many people happy today as I could. The first errand was to purchase coffee for my son's teacher and the teacher I was working with today. It was a bit difficult to explain to the sweet Japanese lady at Starbucks that, "Hai-dozo (yes please) I'd like to pay for the car's coffee behind me." After about 5 mins of the language barrier - she got it. She, and the other baristas asked to send their prayers to your family.

Next - to Dunkin Donuts to purchase donuts for the front office at school. They were all amazed at the true love being passed around in Ethan's honor - and a lot of people participated today. At school - my kinder class that I para for watched the amazing story today of Ethan and his legacy. They all promised to say or do one nice thing for a friend or family member today. They also got some yommy donuts and made a beautiful art piece for your family (which I will send along with last years' gift I haven't got around to, wink wink).

Lastly, I treated my oldest son to a lunch date of sushi...just the two of us. He knows all about Ethan, and as he says, "I miss him too." Lots of love from Okinawa!

xoxox The Logan Family

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