Leah Phelps Spittle from Surprise, AZ on March 27, 2017 wrote:

What a wonderful day to participate in errands for Ethan!! Having it on a Sunday added an extra layer of special to this amazing day! Today I was able to share my testimony with the new ward after a very fulfilling weekend. First I was able to participate in putting together the grief boxes that Kim delivers to the hospital. This was very special to me because we have never lived close enough to be able to do that and it was just a wonderful experience and I knew I always wanted to be a part of it ever since Kim started it so I feel very blessed that I was able to serve in that way!! I just recently became a beehive advisor in our new ward and I have always wanted to be a part of the young women. So second I was able to go to an amazing baptism for a 13-year-old girl who converted to our church. I went there in support of her and her amazing decision I just recently met her but as her beehive advisor I was so grateful to be able to serve her and provide support for such an amazing decision and her young life! It's really helped my testimony grow!! It was a beautiful peaceful and memorable weekend!

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