Ethan's Story

On March 26th, 2011 the world lost an incredible, loveable, lively, and beautiful little boy.

Ethan was born with a malformation of veins in his brain, undetected and unknown until his passing, called Arteriovenous Malformation or AVM. The AVM caused his brain to hemorrhage unexpectedly in the middle of the night, and he was rushed to the hospital for a diagnosis, then emergency surgery to stop the horrific bleeding that had occurred.

His parents would remain both faithful and hopeful for the next several days, until the final reports came back that nothing could be done to reverse the damage to Ethan's brain. He had lost all signals from the brain stem to the upper part of his brain. Marcu s and Kim made the hardest and most painful decision that any parents should ever have to make - they took Ethan off of life support machines so he could return to Heaven.

But, knowing that Ethan would want to help others, Kim and Marcus chose to donate almost every organ that was healthy and functioning to be used to save and improve the lives of other children and adults. This is what Eth an was about - he lived to love and brighten others' lives and his spirit of generosity continues on through the gift of organ donation and through the acts of kindness you perform in his honor.

This world is a better place because of Ethan.
He touched the lives of everyone he came across
on his short journey on earth.
If it wasn't his amazing eyes or handsome appearance,
it was his charming personality that won people over.
Ethan lived every day of his life to the fullest.
He was our hero, and there is no better way to allow his
legacy to live on than to perform Acts of Kindness in his honor.

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